Who Dies in Attack on Titan’s Final: Who Faces Doom in Attack on Titan’s Final Season?

Attack on Titan has been a staple of the anime community for almost a decade, but eventually, all good things must come to an end. The last episode of the critically acclaimed anime Attack on Titan has just been published.

Finally, after a long wait, MAPPA Studios has delivered the final chapter of Eren Yeager’s arduous adventure. True to form, there are several deaths in the series finale of Attack on Titan.

This is your fair warning. Warning: this article contains substantial Attack on Titan spoilers. Carefully read on at your own risk!

In case you missed it, this morning saw the premiere of the Attack on Titan series finale in Japan, and the internet was subsequently inundated with floods of tearful reactions. Even without considering the fatalities, it is difficult to say goodbye to a show as amazing as Attack on Titan. True, there are several major deaths in the climax that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

The first inevitable victim is an innocent bystander. War, as the old adage goes, strikes the common man hardest. Dozens more innocent people die in the last episode of the Attack on Titan anime. The Rumbling spares no one in its path; today’s episode of Attack on Titan included fewer civilian casualties than the first half of the series finale, but many still perished.

At one moment or another, the fate of every key character seems uncertain. However, only two major characters—Zeke and Eren—died in the end. In their last stand, the two brothers were murdered, and their deaths were marked by moving moments.

As for Zeke, Levi made good on his pledge to destroy the Beast Titan inheritor. After a fierce struggle, Levi was able to kill the elder Yeager sibling, but mankind lost its strongest soldier in the process. When it comes to Eren’s demise, it was Mikasa who was responsible.

The hero overcame the Founding Titan’s defenses and located Eren’s actual body. Moments later, Mikasa summoned the willpower to end Eren’s war by severing his head. Not long after that, Mikasa kisses Eren’s severed head for the first time.

Many viewers were shocked by the deaths that occurred during the last fight of Attack on Titan. Eren’s fate was determined when he decided to become humanity’s biggest adversary, despite the fact that for years it appeared like he might make it out of the series alive.

Eren deliberately became a martyr, and the knowledge of the deaths of hundreds must weigh heavily on his conscience. His decision set the way for Mikaka to be compelled to take the life of her best friend and true love. Attack on Titan, however, establishes a future in which Eldians are viewed as heroes rather than monsters because to Eren’s sacrifice.

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