Who is Blast, the Top-Ranking Hero in One-Punch Man?

One-Punch Man is a popular manga and anime series that follows the adventures of Saitama, a bald hero who can defeat any enemy with a single punch. However, he is not the only hero in the world, as many others belong to the Hero Association. This professional organization ranks heroes according to their abilities and achievements.

Among the heroes, one stands above the rest: Blast, the S-Class Rank 1 hero. He is the most powerful and mysterious hero in the series, who rarely appears and whose identity and abilities are largely unknown. In this article, we will explore who Blast is, what he can do, and how he relates to One-Punch Man’s main plot.

Blast’s Appearance and Personality

Blast is a tall middle-aged man with a very muscular build, spiky gray hair, and a slight beard. He wears bulky armor with large shoulder pads, a large cape worn out at the bottom, and emblems of his name on his chest and the backs of his shoes.

His gloves have circles on the back of his fists, which form an infinity symbol when he presses them together to teleport. His suit has mild damage, presumably sustained from his many battles. He also wears shades and has a scar on his face between his eyes.

The outline of his iris is a wavy black pattern, as opposed to just a consistent shape seen in other characters. In the past, Blast’s appearance was largely similar to today, but he looked younger, with darker hair and no beard.

Additionally, neither his armor nor himself had sustained damage or injuries, and he did not wear shades. Blast does not disclose his personal information in the Hero Association Catalog. However, like Saitama, he considers his hero work a hobby.

He also seems to have independent tendencies, keeping his location and status unknown and advising Tatsumaki to use her powers to defend herself rather than expecting others to save her.

In the present, Blast has a casual and easygoing attitude as he does not seem to be very bothered by Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako touching a mysterious cube since they didn’t know what it was nor did they accept the deal, and he was willing to explain what the cube was.

Blast’s History and Plot Involvement

Blast’s history is mostly shrouded in mystery, but some glimpses of his past have been revealed in the manga. He first appeared in a flashback 18 years ago, when he saved Tatsumaki from a secret facility where she was experimented on as a child.

He told her that he was a hero for fun and that she should use her powers to protect herself instead of relying on others. He also gave her his phone number and said he would come if she needed help.

Since then, Blast has been mostly absent from the public eye, only appearing when there is a threat that only he can handle. He is not under the direct control of the Hero Association and only communicates with a few select staff members.

He has fought against powerful enemies, such as Elder Centipede1 and Ninja Village Leader, but his battles are usually kept secret or covered up. Blast’s current mission is to collect the mysterious cubes that are scattered around the world.

These cubes are considered fragments of God, a mysterious being that can grant or take away powers from anyone. Blast believes these cubes are dangerous and should not fall into the wrong hands. He also seems to have some connection to God himself.

Blast finally revealed himself in chapter 139 of the manga, when he teleported to where Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako were after they touched one of his cubes.

He explained that he was collecting the cubes as a hobby and had no intention of harming them. He also recognized Saitama as someone who had broken his limiter and praised him for his strength. He then left them after telling them not to touch any more cubes.

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Blast’s Abilities and Powers

Blast is regarded as the strongest hero in the Hero Association and possibly the world. His exact abilities and powers are unknown, but he has shown some impressive feats in the manga.

  • Superhuman Physical Prowess: Blast has immense strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, and stamina. He was able to defeat Elder Centipede, one of the strongest monsters in existence, with ease. He could also fight against Ninja Village Leader, the most powerful ninja ever, and injure him severely. He can also jump very high and run very fast.
  • Portal Creation: Blast can create portals that allow him to teleport himself and others to different locations. He can also use these portals to attack his enemies by sending them to different places or trapping them inside. He can create multiple portals at once and control them with his mind.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Blast can manipulate gravity to affect himself and others. He can use this power to fly, levitate objects, or crush his enemies with immense gravitational force. He can also use this power to create a barrier around himself or others to protect them from attacks.

Blast may have other abilities and powers that have not been revealed yet, such as psychic powers or energy blasts. He is also very intelligent and knowledgeable, as he knows much about the mysterious cubes and God.


Blast is the top-ranking hero in One-Punch Man, who is very powerful and mysterious. He has a hobby of collecting mysterious cubes related to God, a being that can grant or take away powers. He rarely appears in public and only fights when there is a serious threat that only he can handle.

He has a casual, independent personality and considers his hero work a hobby. He has shown impressive abilities, such as superhuman physical prowess, portal creation, and gravity manipulation. He also recognizes Saitama as someone who has broken his limiter and praises him for his strength.

Blast is a very intriguing character with much potential for future development in the series. Fans are eager to learn more about his past, motives, relationship with God, and role in the main plot of One-Punch Man.

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