Who is Choso, Jujutsu Kaisen? Choso’s Relentless Pursuit of Vengeance

Choso, together with his siblings Kechizu and Eso, makes up the trio of Death Painting Wombs featured prominently in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Choso, among the brothers, most closely resembles a human male.

Since Choso’s body is made of flesh and blood, both sorcerers and non-sorcerers are able to view him, despite the fact that he is a 150-year-old half-human, half-cursed spirit. During the Shibuya Incident storyline, he is first seen aligning with Mahito and Kenjaku; later, he engages in full-scale combat with Yuji Itadori. And what was his origin?

Choso’s Relentless Pursuit of Vengeance

Choso constantly has a bored look on his face and gives off the impression of being a quiet, unassuming person who doesn’t crave the spotlight.

Choso is half human and half cursed, but unlike the other cursed spirits, he does not actively seek out human victims and he does not tend to lose his temper unless it has to do with his loved ones. During the Shibuya tragedy, he recognized Yuji right away and immediately rushed into a fight with him to revenge his siblings who had been slaughtered by Yuji and Nobara.

He felt his brothers’ deaths very keenly, and it was because of this that he allied himself with Mahito and Kenjaku. Choso kept out of it since all he cared about was finding and killing Yuji, even though Jogo begged him to help him fight Gojo.

Sukuna’s Taunts and Choso’s Transformation in Battle

While Choso and Yuji were trading punches during their battle. Despite being outmatched, Choso managed to come out on top. Choso is about to deal the killing blow as he stands over Yuji’s lifeless body, but then he has a vision of a happy meal shared by Yuji, himself, and his brothers. Choso is perplexed and starts to wonder what is going on.

Before this, we have a brief glimpse of Sukuna, who ridicules Yuji by asking how he could lose to a nobody like him. The following shot reveals a fearful Choso retreating. It is unclear if he recoils because he senses Sukuna’s strength, or whether Sukuna produced this false recollection in order to protect Yuji.

The possibility that Yuji is his step-brother dawns on him later. Several centuries ago, when Kenjaku took over the body of Noritoshi Kamo, he may have used Choso’s mother as a vessel to have him and his siblings.

Kaori Itadori, who had been possessed by Kenjaku, gave birth to Yuji. This does not make them brothers by blood, but it does establish a familial relationship, with Choso holding the senior position. Once Choso realized the memory was a fabrication, he switched sides and began looking out for Yuji, his only surviving sibling.

Skills in Blood Manipulation

Choso, a cursed spirit of remarkable special-grade status, is an expert at manipulating blood. Therefore, his own blood is in his control, and he may use it as a weapon. Choso’s martial arts skills set him apart, as seen by his ability to withstand and block most of Yuji’s attacks.

Even though he knew it would have a negative effect on his body, Choso is also tactically astute; when Yuji lured him to a place with water to dissolve the blood manipulation technique, he still managed to come out on top by hardening the blood inside his body and using that to his advantage to defeat Yuji. Choso also has superhuman levels of stamina, allowing him to keep fighting even after taking a beating.

Choso’s blood is toxic, just like his brothers Kechizu’s and Eso’s, and may swiftly deplete an opponent’s strength. If he has enough cursed energy, bleeding to death is likewise out of the question.

For his devastating strikes, such as the supernova (blood orbs that burst and fire blood bullets) and the piercing blood (a strong beam that shoots from between Choso’s hands), he uses a method called “Convergence,” in which he compresses his blood utilizing cursed energy.

Blood Edge, his close-range strike, allows him to fashion pointed weapons out of his own blood and stab his foe. Another formidable ability of his is Blood Meteorite, which enables him to fortify his blood. He may also use this method to generate little stones, which he can then fire at his opponents. This is a strong move in and of itself, but it carries with it the risk of serious blood clots.

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